Farrah Abraham Shares Pic of Her New 'Chin Job' (PHOTO)

This girl has absolutely no shame. She'll try to sell just about anything, including sex toys, erotica, pasta sauce, frozen yogurt, and even her own DNA. But now Farrah Abraham is trying to sell a non-surgical face lift, and well ... you just have to see it to believe it.


It's a face bra, you guys. I don't care what she's calling it -- this is a face bra.

Farrah has never been shy about opening up about her numerous cosmetic procedures, and even appeared on an episode of Botched recently after she had a bad reaction to the lip fillers.

Does anyone else wish that Farrah would just stop, and work on being content with who she is inside? Or try to become someone that she could be happy being? It seems as though this girl keeps herself so busy and on such a horrendous "maintenance" schedule that she doesn't want to actually take a moment to just be herself.

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Its's so bad that she has repeatedly said that she will support her 6-year-old daughter Sophia's future plastic surgery dreams. It's almost like she's excited for her to be old enough to start altering her appearance. Then again, this is the chick who waxed Soph's eyebrows when she was 3. You know, because toddlers are so concerned with unibrows.

Give it a rest, Farrah ... take the face bra off, and go write in your journal, or read Sophia a bedtime story or something. Just be normal! It's okay, I promise.


Image via F1abraham/Twitter

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