Leah Messer Gets Unexpected Support in the Wake of Miranda Simms Feud

Leah Messer has had quite the tumultuous year, between her divorce, her rehab stint, and the custody battle over twins Ali and Aleeah Grace with her first ex-husband Corey Simms and his wife Miranda. Now it looks like Leah is getting some support from a surprising place -- her second ex-husband Jeremy Calvert.


Things got pretty tense this week on the Teen Mom 2 reunion special with Dr. Drew, and Leah and Miranda looked like they basically wanted to knock each other out. There were accusations flung back and forth, from Corey's fidelity to Leah's rumored drug problem, to whether or not she was a fit mother.

Corey and Miranda have been trying to file for joint custody of the 5-year-old twins, as Leah has been trying to get help for her depression and anxiety (Dr. Drew called it a serious mental health condition). She seems to be getting her life on track, but Corey and Miranda don't seem to want to let it go.

A source told Us Weekly that Leah was deeply hurt by their allegations, saying, "She's not perfect and she knows that but she's doing so well, and she loves those kids more than anything."

The insider also revealed that she has an unlikely ally on her side in Jeremy Calvert, who filed for divorce from Leah earlier this year. The pair share 2-year-old daughter Addie, and so far there haven't been any custody battles on that turf.

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This seems contrary to an earlier episode this season where Jeremy and Corey got together to rag on Leah and all of her problems. According to the source, that was reality show magic, and even though Calvert is seeing someone new, he's firmly on Leah's side when it comes to the kids.

"Like Corey and Jeremy would ever set up a time to sit and chat? That’s all production," the insider revealed. "Jeremy knows she’s a good mom."

We're glad to hear that Leah has someone in her corner! Hopefully she keeps getting better and better, and she and Corey are able to work out what's best for the girls, not just for themselves.


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