Rumer Willis Addresses Those Chris Soules Dating Rumors

Earlier this week, we got some pretty surprising dating news. Chris Soules and Rumer Willis, together?! They did look pretty cozy at their outing to a New York Knicks game, but it looks like their night out wasn't a date at all. She is officially clearing up those dating rumors, and it looks like Rumer and Chris are just friends


This week, Rumer caught up with Perez Hilton and filled him in on the truth: She and Chris aren't actually dating, and hanging out at the game happened simply because they were in the city at the same time.

According to what Rumer says, Chris had tickets to the game and invited her to go with him -- nothing less, nothing more. Sounds like they just wanted to catch up after their Dancing with the Stars game ... something friends frequently do, without any romantic intentions being involved.

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In fact, she and Chris are already laughing about the fact that dating rumors are circulating from their one outing. It's true -- it's pretty ridiculous. But since seeing our favorite celebs out and about together frequently does point to a relationship happening, what else were we supposed to think?! 

It's kind of a bummer that they're not together, though. We all know Chris needs a lady in his life after things didn't work out with Whitney Bischoff, and he and Rumer wouldn't have made a bad couple! 

All in good time, guys. And for now, we'll take Rumer's word for it -- they're just friends.


Image via souleschris/Twitter

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