Jill Zarin Totally Wants Bethenny Frankel Back as Her Bestie

Could it be true? Could Jill Zarin and Bethenny Frankel finally make up and be best friends again? Jill's recent admission on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live that she would like to rekindle their relationship is surely a positive step toward the two reconciling, right?



Jill opened up to Andy and was really heartfelt describing her previous relationship with Frankel. She told Andy on the October 8 episode of WWHL:

Listen, she's way moved on, I've way moved on, but there's something about us together that was really incredible. I would like to make up with her. What I really think is that she needed a friend like me -- not on the show. Not on the show. In real life, I think she really needed a friend like me. When we were good, we were really good together and I loved her. I loved her like a sister. Like, I really loved her.

But is the Skinnygirl mogul ready to forgive Zarin and start over? If her appearance on the WWHL 100th episode special is any clue, she might still have some hard feelings. She hissed to Cohen:

She had like a big plan that she was going to take me down, and it backfired in her face ... Whoa, this is one cunning bitch ... I'm not angry, but she's not a person that I would want in my life.

It's easy to understand why Bethenny wouldn't be interested in reestablishing a relationship with Zarin. Their very public and very nasty feud was one of the early story lines that drew viewers to the Housewives franchise. Watching these two best friends completely turn on each other was totally intense and intimate. And neither lady held back in expressing her disdain for the other over the years.

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And Bethenny's life is certainly totally different from her days as Zarin's homegirl. Frankel has made her own fortune from her Skinnygirl empire and now has a 5-year-old daughter, Bryn, and a very public ongoing custody battle with her ex. It's hard to imagine she's looking to add any more drama to her life.

But still, we love to remember Bethenny and Jill, just a couple of besties traipsing around Manhattan, arm in arm, cracking jokes and swapping gossip. Just like a romantic relationship, perhaps even more so with an intimate friendship like Jill and Betheny's, breaking up is hard to do. But selfishly, we'd love to see these two back together because, all the tears and anger aside, their friendship really was something special once upon a time.


Image via mrsjillzarin/Instagram

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