Ben Higgins Spotted on a Wedding-Themed Date With Former 'Bachelor' Star

If you're planning on watching The Bachelor in January, you'll probably see a pretty familiar face in the crowd of contestants. In case you missed the news, Becca Tilley is back on The Bachelor this season, and it sounds like she's already scored a one-on-one date! Apparently, Ben took Becca on a wedding-themed Bachelor date, complete with wedding dress. What's going on here?! 


Once again, Reality Steve has the answers for us. This week, he shared photos on his blog of Becca in a wedding dress, leaving her Las Vegas hotel in a pink Cadillac for a wedding-themed date with Ben. According to Steve, it's probably a photo shoot they're doing together. Hmm. 

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Now that we think about it, Ben and Becca are actually really compatible. They both have sweet, gentle personalities and similar goals for their futures, so they wouldn't be a bad match! 

According to Steve, though, he has a feeling Becca won't make it to hometown dates. We wouldn't be surprised if she did, though. She's played the Bachelor game before, and like we said -- it seems like she and Ben would hit it off!

Even though it's an obvious gimmick to keep people interested, having Becca on this season will be awesome. She's so sweet and she deserves to find love. Fingers crossed she doesn't end up brokenhearted again! 


Image via beccatilley5/Instagram

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