Chelsea Houska's Dad Makes Fun of Her & Cole -- It's Awesome

This season of Teen Mom 2 might be over, but it's not all bad, since that means that this week, MTV gave us the gift of the reunion special. When the moms got back together to give us the dirt on their feuds and relationships, Chelsea Houska told the story of the first time she and boyfriend Cole DeBoer met. But even better? When Chelsea's dad, Papa Randy, provided commentary about it. 


As Chelsea tells it, she and Cole met at the gas station (of all places), made eye contact, and then officially started talking when Cole tracked her down on Facebook a few days later -- something that would be a little creepy if Chelsea wasn't in the public eye.

And leave it to Randy to turn this into a lesson in love, right? 

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Good advice for finding love at the gas station, but not for getting gas. If your car doesn't take premium gas, you might not want to follow Randy's instructions, or you could mess your car up. But still! 

It's good to see that Chelsea and Cole are so in love, even if their first meeting was pretty unconventional. After all we've seen her go through on Teen Mom 2, she deserves a guy who treats her well! And if he doesn't, we have a feeling he will have Randy to contend with. 

Now, for the real question: Who's the funnier Teen Mom parent, Papa Randy or Barbara Evans? It would be impossible to decide.


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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