Kaitlyn Bristowe's 'Baby Bump' Photo Has Everyone Talking

In honor of the sacred #tbt, Kaitlyn Bristowe posted an adorable photo on Instagram of her, Shawn, and Chris Harrison right before the After the Final Rose ceremony when Kaitlyn and Shawn made their first public appearance as a couple. Kaitlyn looks amazing (they all do, honestly), but because trolls gotta troll, everyone's pointing at the minuscule bump on Kaitlyn's stomach and saying she pregnant.


Here's the photo in question:

Seriously. Guys! Give the girl a break! She is stick thin and wearing a VERY tight dress. We all have a little pooch and that does not mean we're not super hot and it does NOT mean we're pregnant. Jeez.

Plus, this photo is from AtFR. Which was mooonnnths ago. We'd know by now if Kaitlyn were pregnant in this photo because she'd be showing in all her most recent pics.

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But no, since Internet commenters refuse to look at common sense, they left hundreds of comments on Kaitlyn's photo discussing her "pregnancy." And because Kaitlyn's a babe who's sick of your crap, she commented back:

IM TOTALLY PREGNANT.... With a wine baby, and probably a burger baby in that pic.... my life is better than your vacation. Beat it.

So. That settles that, does it not? We're just glad Kaitlyn and Shawn look as happy now as they did on this day ... when their relationship was still new.


Image via shawn_booth18/Instagram

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