Chris Soules Opens Up About His Relationship With Whitney Bischoff (VIDEO)

Their happily ever after is going to have to involve other people, but that doesn't mean it's impossible that Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff are still friends. And the way the Bachelor alum tells it: They're even closer after their breakup than you might think.


The circumstances of their split remain a mystery because, to their credit, neither Chris nor Whitney will divulge the details. But the farmer from Iowa was obviously smitten enough with the blonde to give her his final rose, and she loved him enough to accept and become his fianceé. From there, it's anybody's guess whether they broke up because Whitney didn't want to move to Iowa, or if they simply discovered they were incompatible.

But Chris is not bitter. He reportedly told OK! magazine that they had an amicable separation. "We're still friends, great friends," he said.

In fact, Whitney has even stayed buddies with Chris's sister and recently went out for a glass of wine with her. "We went through a really crazy thing and I’m lucky to have her in my life as a friend as a result," he said.

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I think it's sweet that the couple haven't forgotten their shared history and are mature enough to remain in each other's lives. But it also makes me question whether there is a possibility that they will eventually try to give their romance another go. Did their passion really fizzle out that quickly -- is it possible they can go from hot and heavy to just good friends in a matter of months?

The way Chris tells it, yes, that's exactly what happened. If they can't find a good enough reason to make their relationship work, let's hope they both find great matches sooner rather than later -- they both deserve it.


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