Amber Portwood Is Gearing Up for a Custody Battle Over Leah

It's been nearly two years since Amber Portwood got out of jail after serving 17 months on drug-related charges, and she's kept her life clean and sober ever since. Now she's ready to take the next step in getting her life together -- regaining custody of her daughter Leah.


Leah's ex-fiancé Gary Shirley has had full custody of the 6-year-old since Amber went to jail, but according to a report in Life & Style magazine, Portwood is determined to switch the roles.

A source said of the Teen Mom OG star, "She's hired a lawyer to fight for full custody ... She feels she's gotten her life together and deserves a real relationship with Leah."

Apparently Gary doesn't think that's a feasible idea. According to the insider, "Gary laughed hysterically when he heard that Amber wants to take him to court ... He said after all the crap Amber's done, no judge will give her custody."

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It would be wise of Gary not to discount the progress Amber has made in the past few years. Yes, she pulled a lot of crap in the past, but that was ages ago, and she's gotten herself cleaned up, without relapsing. That counts for a lot.

It's not likely (in my non-expert opinion) that Amber will be able to gain full custody of Leah, but I wouldn't be surprised if the judge ordered them to come up with a joint custody parenting plan.

Leah deserves it anyway. Kids do better when both parents are an active part of their lives -- whether or not they all live under one roof.


Image via AmberLPortwood/Twitter

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