Chris Soules Has Some Wise Words to Pass on to 'Bachelor' Ben Higgins

There's still a while to go before The Bachelor is back next January, but the task of actually being the Bachelor? That's already Ben Higgins's reality. He and his women are filming the show right now, and in case he needs any help, Chris Soules is dishing out some advice for Ben


Before Ben set off to find his perfect match, he and Chris had a chat, and when Prince Farming went on the Today show this week, he spilled on what he told Ben about the gig. 

And although Chris says he and Ben talked about a lot of things, there was one tip in particular that he made sure to pass along: trusting his gut. 

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"Be prepared for the unexpected," Chris said. "There's really no way to truly prepare for what he's about to go through." 

And if anyone knows about the unexpected, it's Chris. On his season alone, he had to deal with the Kelsey drama, everything that happened with Britt, and more than a few tearful breakdowns from almost every contestant. The unexpected is definitely coming for Ben, especially if ABC's trying to top last season. 

We have a feeling Ben will be able to handle the pressure, though. He seems pretty levelheaded -- and he's so sweet. Girls, go easy on him this season! 


Image via souleschris/Instagram

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