Adam Lind Says He Regrets Doing 'Teen Mom 2' -- Yeah, Right

Adam Lind hasn't been portrayed in the most positive light over the years on Teen Mom 2, which is maybe why in a recent interview Adam said he regrets signing onto the MTV reality show in the first place. Chelsea Houska's ex said if he could go back in time and change his mind about being on TV, he'd do it.


Aubree's dad pulled no punches talking about Teen Mom 2 to the Examiner in a rare interview. He said that if he could go back seven years to the beginning, he wouldn't have agreed to film. He also said that even though he doesn't like filming, he's contracted by MTV, so he can't "just up and quit." He even went so far as to say the only benefit of the show for him is the money, for him, Chelsea, and Aubree, as well as his other baby mama Taylor Halbur and their 2-year-old daughter Paislee.

Personally, I find that sort of hard to believe, since I'm pretty sure they've all had to renew their contracts periodically. The show even went on hiatus for a while, until fans demanded it be brought it back. It's unlikely that Adam is contractually obligated to MTV for the rest of his life.

It probably has more to do with his being upset about how he's been portrayed on the show ... although it's not like he didn't give them more than enough material to work with. He skipped out on Father's Day this year, for Pete's sake!

He admitted on the reunion show that he's been a crappy dad in the past -- sentiments he echoed in the Examiner interview. He confessed, "I've made a lot of mistakes I know I can't take back and can only take responsibility for them and own up to them."

He also mentioned his life goals at the moment, and said he's been spending a lot of time at the gym. This guy said he doesn't feel the need to prove himself to anyone, especially not people who don't really know him. Oh but Adam, we do feel like we know you!

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He continued, "My future plans from here on out are to start my own supplement line and to own my own gym. I am looking into publishing an autobiography on my life and how everything changed. Things no one has seen or heard. The journey for my life is on the right path, finally, with my kids and the gym."

Hey -- the gym is super important to Adam! Putting his kids up there with it is big stuff. We'll just see if he can keep it up.


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