Farrah Abraham Gets Fired Because She Couldn't Manage to Sell Her Own DNA

Well, this is awkward. We've seen Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham sell a lot of things in the recent past -- sex toys, her own bath products, etc. -- but her latest venture isn't working out so well. Unfortunately, Farrah has been fired from selling her DNA for charity ... because she hasn't managed to sell a single sample. 


According to TMZ, Farrah shared a sample of her DNA with Celebrity Gene that was bottled, put on a necklace, and sold for charity -- and we use the word "sold" loosely. Apparently nobody bought a single necklace, and the company isn't happy. And the reason? She's been so busy touting her sex toys that she hasn't promoted the necklaces nearly enough. 

The necklaces, which were originally priced at $99.99, are now listed at $49.99 -- a 50 percent discount. Ouch! 

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From the sound of things, it seems like the company has cut all ties with Farrah -- and on the off chance her necklaces actually do sell? All of the proceeds are going to Farrah's chosen charity, Operation Underground Railroad, and none of them will go to Farrah per her original agreement.

Okay, so maybe she could have promoted the necklaces more, but it's still a weird thing to sell. DNA? In a necklace? 

Besides, if most of us were actually going to wear a celeb's DNA around our necks, it probably wouldn't be Farrah's. Taylor Swift's, maybe? Or Kate Middleton's? Kim Kardashian would probably be a big seller, too. 

Better luck next time, Farrah! 


Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram

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