Ben Higgins Has Already Been Duped by One of His 'Bachelor' Hopefuls

Aww, Ben Higgins! With a face that cute and a personality that sweet, I (and you? Probably you, too) was ready to believe he'd be the Bachelor we've all been waiting for. But is there a chance that he's ... too cute? And too sweet? New reports are saying Ben has been duped and betrayed by one of the women in the house. No! Not Ben Higgins! Spare him!


Life & Style is reporting that 23-year-old Olivia Caridi from Austin, Texas, is not who she says she is -- apparently she claimed to have been single when she actually dumped a long-term boyfriend after being accepted by the show (but doesn't that technically make her single? Whatever.). She's also trying to convince Ben that she's Christian like him when she's actually a serious atheist.

Obviously, this girl is in it to win it. Part of me wants to give her credit -- I mean, what percentage of people on the show do you think are there for the same reasons she is (i.e., money and fame, not true love) and just not admitting it out loud? 

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At least she has the audacity to be honest. That kind of transparency would be so new for The Bachelor ... and so refreshing! Plus, every season needs a resident crazy and/or bitchy girl, so maybe Olivia is it. Or both.

More likely is that Olivia planned to dupe Ben into thinking she's Christian and wholesome or whatever, but then she stepped out of the limo and Ben spilled his charm all over her. Then she couldn't even help being there for the right reasons ... I mean, how could you trick this face?! God.

We have to know. Please hurry, January!!


Image via mfirestone12/Twitter; ABC

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