Leah Messer & Miranda Simms Face Off in Front of Dr. Drew

Whoa -- Dr. Drew asked Adam Lind a very personal question on Part 2 of the Teen Mom 2 reunion special on Wednesday night, and homeboy's answer was somewhat surprising and definitely deserving of a round of applause. And in other news from the show -- it doesn't look like the feud between Leah Messer and Miranda Simms is ending anytime soon.


Dr. Drew said that he'd heard a rumor that Adam had gotten a vasectomy -- and Adam confirmed it. Thank goodness, especially as the discussion came on the tail end of his admitting that he's been a less than stellar dad to Aubree, his daughter with Chelsea Houska, and Paislee, his daughter with Taylor Halbur.

He said he's been trying to step up to the plate more as a father, but Chels and her dad Randy weren't exactly buying it. Aubree's mom pointed out that Adam was out of town this past Father's Day weekend when he was supposed to be spending it with her, but he used the excuse that he just had to get away.

Chelsea also admitted that she didn't believe him, because he's tried to "get better" in the past and it's never worked out. She and Randy said it would be a very slow process if they were to ever trust him again.

When Dr. Drew asked Adam how he felt about Cole DeBoer being a father figure in his daughter's life, he said it was cool, and that he thought Cole was a "good kid." He even said he wouldn't mind if Aubree called Cole "Dad," something the 6-year-old has expressed interest in this season. Good on Adam for that one, I say.

Then we shifted focus to Leah Messer, and the tumultuous season she's had, from her divorce from Jeremy Calvert to entering rehab for depression and anxiety, and her ongoing custody feud with Corey and Miranda Simms over their twin daughters Ali and Aleeah Grace.

Corey admitted that his drug accusations against Leah came from rumors he'd heard around town, and that he never wanted to do anything more than help her.

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Miranda and Leah definitely started getting into it on the show, with both of them accusing the other of disrespecting them. It's still somewhat unclear, but it definitely seems like some funny business went on between Corey and Leah either while he was dating Miranda, or even in the first couple months of their marriage. Leah said they'd put that all behind them though ... but does anyone else seriously want a play-by-play?

It got really emotional, with Leah breaking down in tears after Corey said he just wants their daughters to grow up in a stable home, and Leah said she felt ganged up on because her daughters made themselves toast on the show one time.

Then Corey accused her of already jumping into a new relationship (presumably with TR Dues), and flat out asked if they were living together, because the twins said they were. Leah denied it, and said they'd only gone to a BBQ together.

It didn't seem like a lot got resolved there, so keep an eye out for ongoing barbs between Leah and Miranda on social media.

Le sigh. What a bunch a crazy kids these ones are.

But the cutest part of the show, I hope we can all agree, is when Dr. Drew brought all five kiddos on stage -- Isaac, Jace, Aubree, Ali, and Aleeah -- and asked them how they were doing, and brought them all forward and they started playing together.

I seriously hope they decide to do another season ... it feels like so much got left up in the air!


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