Jenelle Evans Publicly Fat-Shames Costar Gary Shirley

Ouch! Jenelle Evans recently filmed a segment for Wetpaint talking about which of her costars she could see on another reality series, and what Jenelle had to say about Gary Shirley was downright painful.


Teen Mom 2 star Evans, 23, had a lot of really good suggestions for her fellow Teen Mom stars, like her mom Barbara getting a cooking show, or Corey and Miranda Simms filming something for a hunting series.

But then she was asked where she saw Amber Portwood's ex-fiancé Gary Shirley, and she said The Biggest Loser. "I'm not calling him fat, it'd be healthy to lose some weight," she explained.

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OK, in all fairness, Leah's dad is quite portly -- probably from all the baked goods he's been peddling -- but did she really need to point it out? Did we learn nothing from Nicole Arbour? Fat-shaming doesn't really seem to do anything except paint the shamer in a negative light, no matter how needed the tough love might be.

Besides, Jenelle's had enough of her own problems ... how would she like it if someone told her she needed to go on a show like Intervention for her addiction to bad boys with criminal records? Just saying.


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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