Whitney Bischoff Is Clearly Not Over What Happened as a Result of 'The Bachelor'

Being a contestant on The Bachelor -- and winning it, for that matter -- is definitely an unforgettable experience. Who wouldn't carry with them for the rest of their lives the memories of competing alongside two dozen other women for the same man?! But Whitney Bischoff may not have the best memories of The Bachelor ... not that we blame her.


Recently, Whitney tweeted asking her followers for a Halloween costume suggestion, and she's definitely not open to reliving her days as a Bachelor hopeful. 

And some of the suggestions her followers gave her? Pretty solid. One joked she should dress up as a farmer's wife -- which would be hilarious -- while another suggested a test tube, referencing her job as a fertility nurse. Our favorite? The fan who said she should dress as Chris Harrison. That's a good idea! 

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However, we have a feeling that Whitney's Halloween costume will have nothing to do with The Bachelor -- and that would probably be true even if things had worked out with Chris Soules. 

But no matter how she feels about how things turned out, Whitney can't be too mad. After all, she wouldn't have had her brush with fame without the show, right? And she's still getting plenty of awesome opportunities (like her recent fashion show with Macy's) because of her time on The Bachelor.

We can't wait to see what costume Whitney chooses. No matter what it is, it's going to be fab. 


Image via whitb624/Instagram

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