Resident Villain of Ben Higgins's 'Bachelor' Season Has Already Emerged

Will wonders never cease? Ben Higgins's Bachelor season has a villain, and apparently she emerged very early in the process. (Imagine that.)


No word on her name just yet, but apparently the ne'er-do-well is getting under the skin of all the ladies and stirring the pot as much as possible. OK! claims the woman is 27 and an Indiana native.

Word on the street is that the season is into filming its fourth episode, which means the baddie bachelorette has made it through several rounds of cuts.

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We still don't understand how these women who are so clearly trying to act evil make it through so many rose ceremonies. This has to be a producer-driven thing, right? Why on earth would Ben (or any previous Bachelors) keep these villainous women around? Sure, they might put on a sweet face for the guys, but there has to be some sort of transparency there. It just boggles the mind.

Some have suggested that Ben is tad too dull to be the Bachelor (blasphemy!), so there could be a strong possibility this woman, who just so happens to be from his home state, was introduced to shake up what otherwise might be lackluster story lines. Hey, whatever it takes to get people to tune in each week, right?

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