Jenelle Evans Already Has Baby #3 on the Brain

The road to mommyhood wasn't easy for Jenelle Evans, but since her sons Jace and Kaiser were born, she's been all about being a good parent. And now that she's tackled being their mom, she's ready to expand her family. And this time, Jenelle wants a baby girl


Apparently, getting close to her new boyfriend, David, is making her think those warm, fuzzy thoughts about babies, and in a recent interview with In Touch (via OK magazine), Jenelle has confirmed that she wants to add one more baby to her family eventually, and hopefully, this one will be a girl. 

And in case you're worried she's planning too much too soon, don't be. She's planning on sticking with her birth control implant, Nexplanon, for the next three years, so at least that will prevent her from making any rash decisions ... for a while, anyway. 

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Jenelle would be an awesome mom to a daughter, and we're sure she'd love a little girl to dress up and do all the fun, girly stuff with. Plus, Jace would be such a good big brother to a little sis, especially with how protective he is of his mom. 

And, of course, there's the chance that Jenelle's next pregnancy could end up in a third little boy, but we'll let her cross that bridge when she comes to it. 

Our only advice to Jenelle: Make sure this David thing is for real before having any new daughters with him. It might make your life a whole lot easier!


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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