Shannon Beador Admits Speaking to Her Husband's Mistress in 'RHOOC' Bombshell (VIDEO)

In a franchise where you're never entirely sure who's telling the truth, Real Housewives of Orange County's Shannon and David Beador get raw about their marital problems.


The couple, who have very publicly addressed David's infidelity on the show, took to Watch What Happens Live! to give Andy Cohen an even more in-depth look into what was happening in their marriage when the affair was going on.

The interview was intense and took one seriously strong couple to endure it. It was really impressive to watch how they handled each question and were so open and honest about their issues, even when David admitted he thought he was in love with his mistress at the time. Shannon even revealed she spoke with the woman once.

The biggest bombshell, which was alluded to during Monday night's RHOOC episode, was that Heather Dubrow knew about David's affair all along, because of mutual friends. What's remarkable, and says a lot about her character, is that she never gossiped about it, not even revealing the secret to her husband Terry.

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In the history of Housewives, have we ever known a cast member to keep such a thing to themselves? It's not likely. We're even more impressed because last season, when all of Shannon's marriage problems were at their peak, she and Heather weren't getting along, so it would have been easy for her to let the horrible secret out.

So let's get this straight -- an honest couple willing to come clean about missteps in their marriage and a Housewife who didn't throw her cast mate under the bus? We're digging this mature turn of events for reality television. You see, you really can have an interesting story line without a lot of twisted lies. Bravo, ladies!


Image via Charles Sykes/Bravo

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