Kaitlyn Bristowe & Shawn Booth Just Made Their Relationship More Official

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth are taking it to the next level, guys! And unfortunately, the next level isn't picking a wedding date -- but they're getting there. It seems like Kaitlyn and Shawn have officially moved in together, which means they're one step closer to walking down the aisle! 


Since the Bachelorette finale aired and they were able to be out and about as a real couple, Kaitlyn and Shawn have been following their original plan to go back and forth between Nashville and Vancouver. And now, it sounds like they've settled down in the South for the time being.

According to their most recent social media posts -- and Kaitlyn's blog -- it sounds like they're getting pretty comfortable in their new life routine. In one of Kaitlyn's recent posts, she mentioned how she's "left her roots," and the South definitely looks good on her! 

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Kaitlyn and Shawn haven't said for sure whether they've taken up permanent residence in Music City, but they do look pretty cozy. 

And they aren't the only ones who have decided to get all domestic together. Recently, Jade Roper made the move to Kansas City to live with Tanner Tolbert full time. Maybe we'll see some double dates in the future if Jade ever brings Tanner to Nashville to see her BFF, Carly?

It's easy to be happy for a couple as adorable as these two, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it actually lasts. Kaitlyn will look gorgeous in whatever boho-chic wedding dress she chooses, and their children? Beautiful, mini Ryan Gosling lookalikes.


Image via kaitlynbristowe/Instagram

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