10 Things You Never Knew About 'Gilmore Girls'

On October 5, 2000, the world was changed by a coffee-holding, bandana-wearing, fast-talking whirlwind of a woman named Lorelai Gilmore. You know the one, right? Of course you do -- everyone knows the Gilmore girls. And while we'll bet you've seen pretty much every season, we'll also bet there are a few big things you didn't know about Rory, Lorelai, and the rest of the Stars Hollow gang.

  1. Stars Hollow was like a petri dish for talent back in the early 2000s -- big-name stars like Jon Hamm, Nasim Pedrad, Max Greenfield, Jane Lynch, Seth MacFarlane, Nick Offerman, Danny Pudi, Krysten Ritter, and Victoria Justice were all on Gilmore Girls before landing bigger roles somewhere else.
  2. Alexis Bledel's character, Rory, loves coffee almost as much as her mom. But Alexis? Hates it. She spent much of those seven years drinking soda out of coffee mugs.

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  3. Alexis Bledel dated Milo Ventimiglia, the actor who played her early season boyfriend Jess, for three and a half years IRL. Adorable, but also probably confusing for the two, who had to break up on screen while they were still together and happy off set.
  4. Meanwhile, Lauren Graham and Matthew Perry dated in 2002 when both Gilmore Girls and Friends were on air. We always thought Lorelai Gilmore and Chandler Bing were meant for each other ...
  5. Luke's character was originally supposed to be played by a woman (who, rumor has it, would have been named Daisy. Forreal). Even after they decided to cast him as a man, they weren't planning a love plot with Luke and Lorelai until they saw how off-the-charts amazing their chemistry was.

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  6. Michel is the only core character to never get his own romantic story line. His sexuality was also never defined -- we never did figure out who he likes to date. (Men? Women? Both? None? We'll never know.)
  7. No one is who they say they are -- Both Keiko Agena (Lane) and Emily Kuroda (Mrs. Kim) are Japanese American ... not Korean. Keiko was also 25 when filming started, when Lane was only supposed to be 16. Also, Alexis Bledel speaks broken Spanish in several episodes, but she's actually Latina, and Spanish is her first language.
  8. Though Stars Hollow really only existed in a Warner Brothers backlot (the set was originally built for a 1946 film called Saratoga Trunk), the town is based on a real town in Connecticut called Washington Depot. Amy Sherman-Palladino was so charmed with the town after visiting that the she recreated it for the show. The name comes from Mia Farrow's house in Connecticut, which is called Frog Hollow.

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  9. Gilmore Girls producers created a spin-off about Jess's trip to California, but because it was so expensive to shoot on location, it was canceled before it made it to air. But if you're desperate, you can still find clips from the pilot online.
  10. Amy Sherman-Palladino and many of the actors have said they're open to a Gilmore Girls follow-up. It'd probably be in movie form, and if they're lying to us we're going to die because we're so excited oh my God.

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