'Sister Wives' Star Meri Brown Was 'Tricked' Into Dating a Woman

Sister Wives' Meri BrownThis story proves once again that when you go looking for love online, you never know who you're going to attract! Sister Wives star Meri Brown revealed she was involved in an online relationship with a woman whom she originally believed was a man.


Wow, as if sharing your husband with a bunch of other women wasn't tough enough, now Meri, who divorced polygamist Kody Brown so he could marry his fourth wife Robyn, has been catfished!

Brown, 44, says she's sharing the story now with People because she's hoping her experience can spare other people the same heartache.

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She isn't saying too much else other than that throughout her ordeal her family has stood by and supported her. That's great to hear. We're sure she needs it!

You have to wonder if the person was a fan of the show who purposely sought out Brown. By her own admission, the reality star was at a vulnerable place in her life -- you'd hate to think someone took advantage of her during that tough time. It had to be incredibly disappointing to think that you have another chance at romance only to discover you've been duped. 

While this has to have been a strange thing for Brown to process, maybe it will lead her to decide she's just fine on her own for a while. Or, the next time she goes looking for love, she'll find it in person. 


Image via Doug Meszler / Splash News

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