Latest Couple to Come Out of 'Bachelor in Paradise' Is Just Plain Bizarre

Color us confused: It appears as those Bachelor in Paradise villain Joe Bailey is dating Lauren Iaconetti. The pair posted a Snapchat that strongly suggests they're a thing, which is weird on so many levels.


For starters, Joe quickly became the most hated man in "paradise" during the show's second season when he completely played Juelia Kinney, a single mom, and stirred up all kinds of other unnecessary trouble. Considering he was basically exiled from Bachelor Nation, what could possibly have caused Lauren's change of heart?

Joe attended the charity event One Night in Paradise: A Bachelor Benefit (which was actually a two-night thing, but we digress), which was coordinated by Lauren's sister Ashley, also a Bachelor alum. Adding to the weirdness, Juelia was also there. And apparently everyone was totally cool with one another. Seriously.

The reason Joe's Snapchat leads us to believe that he and Lauren are a thing is because it looks like they're snuggled up in bed together, and she's wearing a T-shirt that says "Gettin' Lucky in Kentucky," which happens to be his home state.

He also tweeted this:

The whole thing is bizarre and makes us wonder if we're just getting played by the two. You know, similar to the way Joe played Juelia in paradise. The dude knows how to manipulate.

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More information is needed before we call this couple official, but it certainly makes for some interesting gossip in Bachelor Nation.


Image via Gene Young/Splash News

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