Jenelle Evans Hospitalized After Taking a Nasty Fall

Jenelle Evans is having a bad week, guys -- and it all started with some bad weather and a pretty scary injury. Earlier this week, Jenelle ended up hospitalized after hitting her head after a nasty fall in her driveway, and it doesn't sound like much fun at all. 


According to Radar Online, Jenelle was on her way home from dinner with her new boyfriend, David, and a friend. Thanks to some heavy rain, her driveway was flooded and she slipped and fell when she got out of the car. Ouch! Normally, an accident like that just hurts your pride, but for Jenelle, it was a little worse.

And as the source who spoke to the site says, Jenelle ended up busting open her knee and her chin, which meant a trip to the hospital. Worst night ever? Sounds like it to us.

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The good news? She's at home with her kids and is all good now. Apparently she just required a few stitches and was discharged seven hours later -- and if you've ever been to the ER at night, you know that long waiting period is usually just par for the course. 

It definitely must have sucked, but we're glad to hear she's doing fine now! It sounds like the whole ordeal was quite a nightmare. 

Jenelle, feel better soon! We're sure she'll enjoy a break from the gym for the few days ... but her selfie habits might not.


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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