Adam Lind Criticizes Chelsea Houska for Pointing Out His Absence in Aubree's Life (VIDEO)

Dude! He finally admitted it! Adam Lind admitted that he hasn't been a very good dad in the past. In a sneak peek for this week's Teen Mom 2 reunion special, Chelsea Houska's baby daddy confessed what we've all know for years. He's a crappy dad.


Of course, he couldn't leave it at that ... he had to criticize Chels for continuing to bring up his past mistakes, like the time he left town for Father's Day and missed his weekend with Aubree. That was so far in the past, y'all, why should she still care? Um ... maybe because it was just a few months ago, and Chels is going to need more time to believe that he's seriously committed to being a dad now.

Take a look at Adam's slamming Chelsea for wondering why he missed Father's Day with Aubree.

Did you hear that? He had a perfectly legit excuse for missing the holiday with his daughter. He needed to get away. "I went away for a trip. I needed to get away," he explained to Dr. Drew.

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He continued, "What's the point of arguing all the time? The worst thing to do to a man who is trying to get better is to remind him of his past."

Sorry, Adam -- you're going to have to do better than that if you want a chance at spending more time with Aubree.


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