Vicki Gunvalson's Daughter Drops a Serious Brooks Ayers Bombshell

Vicki Gunvalson's straight-shooting daughter Briana was back in Orange County as the Real Housewives season starts to draw to a close -- and she had some interesting information to impart to Tamra Judge.


While Vicki asked Tamra to chat with her daughter about changing her tune in regard to then-boyfriend Brooks Ayers, their lunch took a decidedly different turn.

Tamra, who was caught in the middle of the "Does Brooks actually have cancer?" drama, brought up the cast's issues with his claims and Briana shared one very major factoid.

According to the ER nurse (yes, someone with actual medical experience), Brooks admitted to her that his earlier claims of having pancreatic cancer years ago was actually, wait for it, pancreatitis (she alleges it was due to excessive alcohol use).

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Whaaat? It seems odd that someone would confuse the two conditions, especially considering one is far more deadly than the other. And, needless to say, this conversation didn't charm Briana into giving Brooks another chance or make Tamra feel any better about the odds that he's been duping Vicki all along.

Can Bravo please cast Briana on RHOOC all of the time? She always has a strong, but very clear, opinion. We need her back in Orange County and out of Oklahoma.


Image via Vivian Zink/Bravo

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