Chris Soules Proudly Shows Off a New Addition to His Family

Ever since Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff broke up earlier this year, we've been waiting to see who Chris will date next, and so far? No luck. So naturally, we were excited when we saw that Chris added someone new to his family -- but it's not what you think. 


Because Chris's new addition? It's not a lady -- it's a vehicle. Yup, Chris is super excited about the new, gigantic truck he bought for his farm, which is obviously the first (and most important) love of his life. 

OK, so maybe it's not the most conventional "new addition," but it seems to make Chris happy. In fact, he's seemed pretty content with farm life ever since he returned to Iowa after the hype following Dancing with the Stars slowed down, so maybe we shouldn't hassle him so much about finding a new girlfriend? 

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It has to happen sooner or later, though, right? Now that Whitney is no longer an option, and his DWTS partner Witney Carson is happily engaged to her high school sweetheart, Chris might begin to feel a little lonely.

And trust us. If Chris wanted to date, we have a feeling women will be lining up at the farm for a chance to hang out with the former Bachelor -- we've seen it happen before!  

Happy new truck, Chris! Please enjoy -- but don't forget to, you know, hang out with actual people every once in a while.


Image via souleschris/Instagram

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