Jenelle Evans Defends Her Boyfriend's Shady Past but She's Kidding Herself

She may have moved on from Nathan Griffith (finally), but it doesn't look like Jenelle Evans is quite ready to give up the bad-boy type. The Teen Mom 2 star's most recent man is 28-year-old David Eason, and he has a rap sheet that includes hard time in prison.


Eason was convicted back in 2012 of possessing drug paraphernalia, as well as breaking and entering. He spent four months in jail, and apparently at least part of that time was with Jenelle's ex-husband Courtland Rogers!

Um, yeah ... she has a type.

Anyway, Jenelle doesn't care about David's past, and according to a source close the reality star who spoke to Radar Online, "She's telling friends he's not a bad guy. He's a sweetheart and he makes her so f**king happy ... He's a true southern gentleman."

Hey -- maybe he's a changed man after doing the time for his crimes. Just maybe Jenelle should move a little bit slower when getting involved with an ex-con ... just a thought.

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The insider said that David has been pulling out all the stops to impress Jenelle. "He hung up a picture for her with lights because she mentioned before she went to the gym that she wanted it done. Her jaw dropped when she got home and saw it. And he was making her dinner," they said. "Chicken Alfredo with onions and peppers and green beans because it is her favorite. He made his own version and she loved it. She says that it has been pretty awesome having help around the house."

It was also reported that they are seeing each other as much as possible, which isn't as much as they'd necessarily like, because David works five days a week. Hey, at least she found one that's employed this time! Movin' on up, Jenelle!

Anyway, we're glad Jenelle is happy ... we just hope she doesn't ignore any red flags this time around.


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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