Original '90210' Cast vs. 'Unauthorized' Movie Cast: Could They Be Twins? (PHOTOS)

Michele Marin | Oct 12, 2015 TV

It's hard to believe that it's been 25 years since we hung out with the original gang at the Peach Pit. As entertaining as they were in front of the camera, the gorgeous cast was also the subject of plenty of tabloid fodder. If you happen to catch Lifetime's The Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210, Story, you'll find out exactly what happened when the cameras stopped rolling.

The biopic revisits the '90s drama with a new, lookalike cast and spills all the behind-the-scenes secrets. Here's a sneak peak at the original cast and their new 90210 counterparts — could they be twins?

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  • Dylan McKay Then: Luke Perry


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    The audience fell in love with bad boy Dylan McKay the moment he rode his motorcycle into our lives. The previously unknown actor worked as a construction worker prior to his 90210 fame. Other than a few movies and TV stints, such as a role on Oz, Perry hasn't done much high-profile acting since, and the star has stated that he doesn't think about his 90210 stint at all. 

  • Dylan McKay Now: Jesy McKinney


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    You may have seen him on the 2013 TV series Teen Wolf, but other than that he's a lot like his predecessor Luke Perry: a relative unknown prior to doing Lifetime's Unauthorized. No doubt he also shares Perry's sultry good looks. 

  • Kelly Taylor Then: Jennie Garth


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    Perhaps the most successful alum of the show, Garth played dramatic roles off the set as well, including reported makeout sessions with Jason Priestly and Luke Perry, and catfights with Shannen Doherty. She went on to star in the TV shows What I Like About You and Mystery Girls and currently stars in her own remodeling show, HGTV's The Jennie Garth Project. Garth's real-life marriage to actor Peter Facinelli produced three daughters but ended in 2012, yet the star found love again in 2015, when she married Dave Abrams. 

  • Kelly Taylor Now: Abbie Cobb


    Image via IMBD/Abbie Cobb

    Lifetime nailed the casting of Abbie Cobb as Kelly Taylor. Complete with the gorgeous blond locks, Cobb is a dead ringer for the young Jennie Garth. Cobb can be seen as Kimantha on the ABC series Suburgatory as well as in the movie Moms' Night Out. 

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  • Valerie Malone Then: Tiffani Thiessen


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    The actress was dating Brian Austin Green at the time she joined 90210 and once stated it was way "more chill" than her previous show — um, possibly Saved by the Bell? Since 90210, she's appeared in a slew of TV shows and movies, including USA's White Collar and the Cooking Channel's Dinner at Tiffani's

  • Valerie Malone Now: Alyssa Lynch


    Image via Twitter/ @alyssalynch95

    Lynch and the original Valerie Malone, Tiffani Thiessen, look so much alike that Lynch played Thiessen's character on the Saved by the Bell biopic, too. She has also starred on the TV series Supernatural.

  • David Silver Then: Brian Austin Green


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    David was the geeky, warmhearted West Bev DJ. The chemistry between Brian Austin Green and Tori Spelling (aka Donna Martin) was legit; the two dated offscreen as well. Green had a son with 90210 guest star Vanessa Marcil, whom he was with for years before marrying actress Megan Fox, with whom he had two more kids. The couple recently separated.

  • David Silver Now: Ross Linton


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    During the first meeting of Unauthorized, Linton thought the original cast was "so old" and reportedly made fun of them. (Now you really feel old, don't you?) Catch the model-turned-actor in the Layover, due out in 2016.

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  • Donna Martin Then: Tori Spelling


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    The daughter of 90210 executive producer Aaron Spelling auditioned under the name Tori Mitchell. Her virgin character's most memorable moments included finally having sex with boyfriend David and getting kicked out of school just before graduation (remember the "Donna Martin Graduates" chants?). These days, Tori Spelling is married to Dean McDermott and has four children. She recently revealed she slept with two of her costars: Brian Austin Green and Jason Priestly. 

  • Donna Martin Now: Abby Ross


    Image via Twitter/ @Abby_Ross

    Canadian-born Abby Ross is known for her roles in Seed and Once Upon a Time. Ross live-tweeted the debut of the Unauthorized biopic while lying on the beach with her besties.

  • Brenda Walsh Then: Shannen Doherty


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    Unauthorized 90210 reveals Doherty's perpetual tardiness, diva-like behavior, and constant feuding with costars, which caused her to be written off of the show. The backlash against her and her character was so extreme that there was an "I Hate Brenda" newsletter. What does Doherty think of the 90210 revival? She tweeted, "Unauthorized is the same as following someone who pretends to be someone else. In other words, bullshit." In August 2015, she announced she is battling breast cancer

  • Brenda Walsh Now: Samantha Munro


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    Besides the brunette locks and charming smile, there are not many parallels between Munro and Doherty. Munro was best known for her role of Anya MacPhearson on the Canadian TV show Degrassi: The Next Generation. 

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  • Andrea Zuckerman Then: Gabrielle Carteris


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    Editor of the Blaze, Andrea Zuckerman was the smart girl with a crush on Brandon Walsh. Gabrielle Carteris was told by her rep that she was too old, at 30, to make it in Hollywood. What's a girl to do but lie about her age during the audition process? 

  • Andrea Zuckerman Now: Michele Goyns


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    There was no need for Goyns to lie about her age, unlike the first Andrea Zuckerman, Gabrielle Carteris. The 20-something actress and costume designer has appeared in low-profile projects, but otherwise is a relative unknown. 

  • Aaron Spelling Then: Aaron Spelling


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    In the beginning of Unauthorized, we learn that Aaron Spelling originally wanted to build off the success of his previous hit show, Charlie's Angels. Studio execs weren't sold on the idea and wanted to appeal to a teen audience. It's actually Spelling's daughter, Tori, who convinces the mogul that the teen audience is a cool concept. The rest is history.

  • Aaron Spelling Now: Dan Castellaneta


    Image © Mario Anzuoni/Corbis

    The voice of Homer Simpson, Castellaneta plays executive producer Aaron Spelling in Unauthorized. This isn't his first time playing Spelling; in 2004 he played the mogul in Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Charlie's Angels. You can catch him in another biopic, The Unauthorized Melrose Place Story. Notice a pattern here?

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  • Brandon Walsh Then: Jason Priestley


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    The polo shirt–clad journalist exited 90210 in 1998, with Priestley stating that the character of Brandon Walsh had run his course. While he later admitted to regretting his decision, Priestly has been anything but idle since his West Beverly days. He appeared in Tru Calling and Call Me Fitz and made his directorial debut in Cas & Dylan. He also penned Jason Priestly: A Memoir, which talks about Priestley's pre-fame days and a former roommate — um, Brad Pitt, to be exact. Priestley and his wife, makeup artist Naomi Lowde, have two children.

  • Brandon Walsh Now: Max Lloyd Jones


    Image via IMBD/Max Lloyd Jones

    This Brandon Walsh has a pretty hefty acting resume already. Having appeared in Sand Lot 2, Restless Virgins, Flicka, and Finding Harmony, he also has two films in post-production. The British actor has been linked to Sand Lot 2 costar Samantha Burton.

  • Steve Sanders Then: Ian Ziering


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    Back in the day Ziering was Steve Sanders, the woman-loving goofball. Ziering claims he loved his 90210 costars and actually still keeps in contact with them. Fans swooned when he beefed up for his Vegas Chippendale stint in 2013. These days Ziering is on the set of Sharknado. His biggest fan? His 2-year-old daughter, Penna Mae, whose first three-syllable word was, you guessed it, "Sharknado." Ziering has another daughter Mia Loren with his wife, Erin.

  • Steve Sanders Now: David Lennon


    Image via Twitter/ @Davejlennon

    This young actor is a relative new kid on the Hollywood block. But he seemed to enjoy rocking Steve Sanders's white pants. Lennon, like Unauthorized costar Max Lloyd Jones, also appeared in Restless Virgins. He is currently starring in the TV series Sudden Impact, which is in pre-production.

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