Ben Higgins's Ladies Are Already Causing Crazy Drama in the 'Bachelor' Mansion

It's kind of a running joke at this point that every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is the most dramatic ever, but if the rumors about the women lined up for Ben Higgins's season of The Bachelor are true, then this season might actually, really be the most dramatic ever. Seriously -- these girls sound crazy. And we can't wait to meet them.


Since Ben's season has finally started filming, we know a little bit more about who's who and who's stepping out of the limo dressed as a stripper. (That happens, by the way. The same woman also mentions stalking Ben, apparently -- TBD on whether she's serious or not.)

In an entirely different brand of crazy, another contestant left the limo with a save-the-date card for her wedding with Ben. March 2, 2016 -- mark your calendars, guys.

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There were also rumors about a pair or Russian twins (who didn't speak English? Not sure how they thought that was going to work out), but now we're hearing that they've already been cut. That would have been interesting, but it's probably for the best because one important attribute of any successful relationship is a common language. Sorry, Love Actually

It's fine, though, because in their place, we've got a villain set up and ready to go -- apparently she's 27, from Indiana, and totally nasty. We're talking backstabbing, trash-talking, and the kind of person who goes out of her way to antagonize the other girls. We love watching her already.

These women already sound amazing, but we've gotta admit -- the best news floating around is that two of Chris Soules's cast-offs are back for Ben: Amber Rose and Becca Tilley.

If this is a lie, I will cry. I don't even have to see Becca and Ben standing next to each other to know that they're perfect and adorable and should fall in love immediately. PLEASE don't take this away from me, producers!

And while you're at it, start the season ASAP. It all sounds too good to be true, and I want it immediately.


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