Leah Messer Makes Us Believe Rumors She Hooked Up With Corey Are True

Um, remember those rumors that Leah Messer and Corey Simms got it on after they were both married to other people? Given this sneak peek clip from next week's Teen Mom 2 reunion show, we're leaning toward that being true.


Even though they had divorced, and she was married to Jeremy Calvert, Leah hints in the clip that she and Corey hooked up in the first few months of his marriage with Miranda Simms.

They started getting into it over Miranda, especially considering that Leah skipped out on meeting with Corey over their shared twins Ali and Aleeah Grace when she saw that his wife was with him.

In the clip, Corey says, "She has issues with Miranda because she's jealous of her ... Me and Miranda have a normal functioning life. She can't keep a husband for more than two years." Ouch.

Leah got one back though, asking him, "Where were you during your first couple months of marriage?" Whoa, she has to be referring to their rumored affair, right?

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Things got even more heated, until Leah said "monkey," which apparently is her safe word that she and MTV agreed on for terms of her filming the reunion so soon after getting out of treatment for depression and anxiety.

Whatever happened in the past, I just hope these two can pull it together and stop insulting each other.


Image via MTV

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