Kaitlyn Bristowe & Shawn Booth Reportedly Don't Even Sleep Together Anymore

Kaitlyn Bristowe & Shawn BoothSome people enjoy their 15 minutes of fame and go back to their regular lives quietly, while others try to keep that spotlight shining for as long as possible. Sources are reporting that Bachelorette lovebirds Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth are faking their relationship to keep the cash rolling in and other reality show deals on the table. Hmmm ... do we really believe that? 


We know the odds are against this pair if Bachelor history has taught us anything. Still, these two really did seem to be in love and headed down the aisle.

But, according to reports, it's all an act and the couple is now sleeping in separate beds. Supposedly, the engaged duo is willing to pretend things are hunky-dory as long as the endorsement deals keep coming their way. 

Sure, they've been hawking some products here and there through their social media accounts, but they're certainly not the only ones who've gone down that road. And, remember, Kaitlyn's been pretty upfront about things -- hello, she admitted sleeping with Nick! -- so it seems like if her relationship were falling apart she'd be willing to share those deets too. Plus, they've seemed like a pretty passionate couple. If they broke up, we have to imagine one of them would be speaking up. Money, even hush money, can keep a scorned lover quiet just so long...

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And could they really fake their way through a new reality show? Maybe they're better actors than we've given them credit for! We guess time will tell, but we're hoping it's the real thing. Doesn't Bachelor Nation deserve another success story??


Image via Johns PKI / Splash News

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