It Doesn't Look Like Leah Messer & Miranda Simms's Feud Is Ending Anytime Soon

Fans got to know Leah Messer a little bit better this week, and the Teen Mom 2 star participated in a Q&A on Facebook. She talked about being divorced twice, her continuing treatment after her rehab stay, and most interestingly -- her feud with Miranda Simms, her first ex-husband's current wife.


Leah and Miranda have had a notoriously contemptuous relationship, as Corey Simms has suspected her of abusing prescription drugs while taking care of their shared 5-year-old twins, Ali and Aleeah Grace.

During the Facebook chat, Leah was asked how she's getting along with Corey and Miranda these days. The Ashley Reality Roundup reports that Leah responded, "Misery loves company, and I can only control my own actions not hers or anyone else."

This seems to be something she learned when she went away to a treatment center for a month for her depression and anxiety over the summer, and she is spot-on. You can only make your own decisions, no one else's.

She did add that the three of them are trying to work together as best as they can to parent the twins. She explained that she wants "Corey to be able to see the girls just as much as I do, as the girls want to."

When talking about Corey and Miranda's accusations that she was abusing drugs, Leah responded, "I tried to defend myself without confrontation but no matter what I done or said their minds were set on their own opinions."

She also opened up about refusing to meet with Corey on the season finale of Teen Mom 2, because Miranda tagged along after she specifically requested that just the two of them meet.

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"He had every right to be with his wife, yes. However, There is times where him and I can have a conversation without her," Leah said. "She was wanting to set at another table and watch Corey and I talk which was very awkward and weird. If there wasn't so many judgmental comments I would be a lot more comfortable."

I can't blame the chica. Yes, Miranda is Corey's wife, but she's not their mom or dad. She's the stepmom, and that's a very different role. When you're married to someone with children from previous relationships, you just have to accept that he or she is going to have to have some sort of relationship with the co-parent.

Miranda needs to stand down on this one.


Image via Leah Messer/Facebook

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