7 Times We Would Never, Ever Think About Objectifying Rob Lowe

How many outstanding roles does Rob Lowe have to play before we take him seriously as an actor and not just a hot piece of man meat? Lowe spoke out against the objectification of men in movies and TV while talking about his new role in the series The Grinder. And I am shocked. Shocked! To hear this is happening to him at all.


Lowe points out that his character, Dean Sanderson, left his acting job because he felt so sexualized. "People go on and on about the objectification of women, and rightly so. But what about the objectification of men? When was the last time you saw Grey's Anatomy?" (Which is funny considering Lowe turned down the role of hunky Dr. Derek Shepherd.)

But we get his point! Poor Rob Lowe, forever seen as a mere sex symbol when all he wanted was to be a Fine Actor. Have we forgotten his numerous highly respectable roles that had nothing at all to do with being hot? This is a man who's been nominated for a Golden Globe five times. And we would never objectify him, ever.

Think of Lowe's breakout role as Sodapop Curtis in Francis Ford Coppola's The Outsiders. Who cares how cute he was? He was playing a troubled teen with big emotions. That took serious range. He was working with one of the great film auteurs of the 20th century. No objectifying there on our part. Nope!

Then he was in the movie About Last Night where we see him actually fall in love right before our eyes, fight with his girlfriend, and experience heartbreak as they split. It was a very adult role for a maturing actor, a chance for Rob to show he was ready for even meatier roles. And we certainly did not ogle him at all.

Have we forgotten his role as brilliant young brain surgeon Dr. Cukrowicz in Masterpiece Theater's Suddenly, Last Summer -- written by the great Tennessee Williams? He starred with Dame Maggie Smith, so that's some insta credibility right there, I tell ya. Objectifying Rob was the last thing on our minds.

Then there was his turn as the idealistic Deputy White House Communications Director Sam Seaborn in the hit television show The West Wing. He had to talk really fast, all of the time, while walking down hallways! This role was all about the two Screen Actors Guild Awards and not our lust, not one bit. 

Then Lowe turned a political 180 and played a Republican senator from California in the TV drama Brothers and Sisters. This is a guy who juggled running for president and pretended to be married to Calista Flockhart. We definitely did not imagine what he looks like naked when we watched this show.

Everyone LITERALLY loved Rob's character Chris Traeger in the comedy Parks and Recreation. I can't remember what Traeger did for the city of Pawnee but he worked out all the time, and ate super healthy, and it showed. Not that I noticed or anything. Have you noticed the more buff Lowe gets the more clothes he wears?

Lowe spent two hours each day in makeup for his role as Liberace's plastic surgeon in Behind the Candelabra. He looked really weird, but at least there was that one scene where he had his shirt unbuttoned so if you hid his face with your hand you could truly enjoy the subtle nuances of his performance. His chest says so much, you know? In a totally nonsexual way. Not objectifying!

In summary, Rob Lowe is the real deal and shame on any of you who have ever salivated over his deliciousness. Stop staring at the pecs that just keep getting bigger and bigger my God did you see that Vanity Fair cover? No! Do! Not! Objectify! Rob!


Image via VIPix / Splash News

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