Adam Lind Gets Caught in a Custody Lie He Can't Worm His Way Out Of

Breaking news, peeps. Adam Lind may have lied about something. You're shocked, I know. It turns out the Teen Mom 2 dad may have slightly significantly exaggerated the amount of custody he has of Paislee, his toddler daughter with ex Taylor Halbur.


Also, I totally told you so! When he posted that he got his license back after five years of not having it because he's an ass with three DUIs and other various driving-related crimes under his belt, he said that he had custody of Paislee, and was going to go after Chelsea Houska for Aubree next.

Because that's the kind of guy he is.

Anyway, a source told Radar Online that Adam doesn't have any custody of Paislee. "It's just a joint visitation agreement," the source explained. "He doesn’t have 50/50 or full custody. Adam just thinks that visitation is custody in some sort of form."

Sorry, I'm snickering that Mr. Lind doesn't even know the difference between visitation and custody. The insider added that he's allowed to have Paislee "every other weekend and one night a week only if he gives Paislee's mother 24-hour notice."

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The source also claimed that Adam was spending a lot more time with his youngest daughter a few months ago, when he was still on probation. "At that point in time, Adam was stepping up, so Taylor gave him a second chance," the person claimed. "He was still on probation at the time."

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like he's kept it up. "Now that Adam is off probation, he is not doing as well as what he was doing while on probation," the insider dished. "I hear that he doesn't seem as invested in Paislee as he seemed a few months ago, meaning he was spending more time with her while he was still on probation and now that he is off, he's seeing her less."

Poor Pais. But I guess it's good news for Chelsea though -- Adam's threats about coming after her for custody are probably pretty empty.


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