Ben Higgins Already Has a Critic Insisting He'll Never Find Love on 'The Bachelor'

Since news first broke that Ben Higgins is the next Bachelor, fans have been super excited to see him in action -- and the reason why is pretty obvious. Who wouldn't want to marry Ben?! But according to Grantland's Juliet Litman, Ben might be "too political" to actually find love on The Bachelor.


So what does that mean? After Juliet watched the limo arrivals live, she observed that Ben doesn't seem willing enough to give himself over to the process enough to really fall in love -- something that could definitely hinder his chances at happily ever after.

In her latest Bachelor Nation podcast, "For The Right Reasons," Juliet said that not only did Ben have a few lines he was "rotating" as he greeted each woman during the arrivals, but it seems like he's almost too good at being the Bachelor. Is that even possible?!  

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Juliet says that Ben won't be able to be vulnerable enough and let the "illusion take over," and if that's true? That's not a good sign!

Yikes. There's something to be said for being an awesome leading man, but not if it's at the cost of letting the process work! If Ben's faking it, that will come across when the season airs, and it's not going to be pretty. And eventually, his ladies will pick up on that.

You can watch the whole podcast above, but try not to begin seething with jealousy that the host actually got to go to mansion to see Ben in action. Once in a lifetime experience, guys! 

Political or not, I'm rooting for Ben's happily ever after. He's such a sweet guy that he deserves to find the perfect woman for him ... and I have a feeling ABC isn't going to let him down. 


Image via fleissmeister/Twitter

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