Jenelle Evans's New Man Could Threaten Her Custody of Baby Kaiser


While we're super glad that Jenelle Evans seems to have moved on from Nathan Griffith (finally), could her new man be putting her custody of 1-year-old Kaiser at risk? Nathan reportedly wants to file for full custody of their shared toddler, because he's concerned about the type of guy Jenelle is bringing around their son.


Because apparently, it's been a long time since Nate looked in the mirror. Reminder -- this was the guy who left Kaiser home with his new girlfriend while he went to the police station to file a domestic violence charge on Jenelle, after he allegedly stole her cellphone and she tumbled with him for it.

Anyway. Back to Kaiser and and Jenelle's new boyfriend. The Teen Mom 2 star just went public with David Eason, and this guy has a rap sheet just as long as her own. He's even done hard time in prison.

Since Jenelle has primary custody of their son, and reportedly won't even allow overnights with Nate, he's thinking about taking her to court to get more parental rights over Kaiser.

A source told Radar Online, "Nathan is absolutely worried about Jenelle dating David and him being so close to Kai. He is looking into what he can do about custody ... Things are in the works. Nathan wants Kai to grow up safely and this guy doesn’t seem like a good guy."

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No matter what Jenelle's dating life looks like at the moment, it seems as though she's trying to do the right thing. Another insider reported to Radar earlier this month, "Jenelle is really glad he's spending time with the kids because they need bonding time with their father, no matter what her and Nathan's personal issues are, but Jenelle would rather have the kids stay at Nathan's mom's."

Is it too much to wish that Jenelle could just be single for a while, and not keep hooking up with these guys who don't deserve her?


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