'Bachelor' Ben Higgins Kicks Off First Night of Filming by ... Cuddling a Baby? (PHOTO)

Filming for The Bachelor has officially begun! Even though fans will have to wait until January to see the cutest, sweetest Bachelor of all time find love, we do know this: The first night of shooting involved Ben Higgins holding a baby. Swoon.


If you had told me that something could make Ben look even more adorable than he already is, I would have told you it was impossible. But, while starting shooting for season 20, the 26-year-old from Colorado spent a little quality time cozying up to this sweet little guy:

Don't worry, you aren't missing crucial information from Ben's life — that's show creator Mike Fleiss's infant son, Ben. As much as I'd love to see the new Bachelor and his 25 contestants compete in diaper-changing races or being put to the task dealing with teething toddlers, their parenting skills will not be tested in the new season.

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With that said, what is it about a cute guy holding a baby that appeals to the senses? Is it the simple fact that it gives us a glimpse into what a great, doting dad Ben will one day be? Or the reminder that he is gorgeous, charming, successful, and responsible? Anyway, because it's Monday and we all need it, here's another photo of Ben holding a child:

You're welcome. How great a Bachelor is this man going to be? I'm looking forward to his finding a strong, intelligent woman who shares his kindness and enthusiasm for life. This is going to be one fantastic season.


Image via Splash News

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