Nick Viall Gives Some Insight on Who 'Bachelor' Ben Higgins Might End Up With

It seems like forever, but there are less than four months between us and a brand-new season of The Bachelor, starring one of our favorite Bachelorette contestants ever. And if you ask his pal and former castmate Nick Viall, Ben Higgins doesn't have a type -- he could pick anyone! 


So if you're hoping Ben would choose you to take to the Fantasy Suite? Your chances are pretty good! According to Nick, Ben's younger age -- he's 27 -- gives him the benefit that he's open to anyone. 

Nick told Wetpaint that Ben "has an edge" and admits he's just as interested to see how the season plays out as we are.

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Although the show is about to start filming and auditions are closed, we plan to live vicariously through the women vying for Ben's heart and the crazy dates ABC will undoubtedly put them through. Just as long as there are no more fake funerals, because that one was kind of crazy.

In case you missed it, Reality Steve has already revealed two of Ben's contestants -- a "free spirit" and a newscaster, which are pretty typical ABC picks. If Ben's really as open as Nick says he is, either lady has a pretty equal shot! And either way, they're both gorgeous. 

Not sure how we're supposed to get through the next four months of waiting, but hopefully there will be plenty of spoilers in the meantime to keep us going! 


Image via nickviall/Instagram

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