Jenelle Evans Is Already at War With Her New Boyfriend's Circle of Peeps

Leave it to Jenelle Evans to find drama in a brand-new relationship! Even though she's finally found someone to hang out with who isn't Nathan Griffith, it sounds like she's not exactly getting along with his friends. This week, Jenelle fought with one of her new boyfriend's friends on Facebook, and it didn't end well. 


We first got wind that Jenelle's dating someone new earlier this week when she shared a photo on Instagram from a double date she went on. But now, thanks to Radar Online, we know that her new BF is a 27-year-old welder named David Eason, who is also a single parent -- and that his friends already don't like Jenelle.

In a conversation on Facebook, David's friend Rachel warned him of the dangers of dating Jenelle. Having seen her in action on Teen Mom 2, we can see why she'd be wary of their relationship, but is it really her place to call Jenelle out like that?

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If you want to see how things went down, Radar has screenshots of the convo. But as you can probably assume, Jenelle became very defensive over the things that Rachel was saying. Red carpet events are kind of part of Jenelle's job, aka how she provides for her family. Going to a few a year doesn't make her a bad mom.  

It's hard to blame Jenelle for wanting to stand up for herself, but maybe it would've made her look better if she'd just stayed silent and let Rachel do all the talking? But let's be real: Jenelle's a confrontational gal, so she probably couldn't resist. 

Hopefully, this is an isolated incident. Jenelle needs a stable relationship in her life -- without her boyfriend's friends getting in the way of their relationship. 


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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