Jenelle Evans's New Boyfriend Sounds Even Shadier Than Nathan Griffith

It looks like Jenelle Evans is finally over Nathan Griffith -- she's reportedly moved on with a new guy. Unfortunately, it looks like Jenelle's new man is even worse than Nathan, and has an even longer rap sheet.


Apparently, the Teen Mom 2 star is dating David Eason, 27, a North Carolina welder. Only Jenelle could find someone with criminal record as vast and varied as her own. Le sigh.

North Carolina's Depart of Public Safety records shows that the 23-year-old's new boyfriend was arrested in New Hanover County in July 2012, for obtaining property by false pretenses. I'm a layman in this area, but does that sound like stealing to anyone else?

Later that same month, he was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia. It was a misdemeanor, not a felony, but still! You'd think a person would be eager to follow the law after being arrested. Not this guy, I guess.

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Eason, who is also a parent to two children, was convicted of all charges the following month ... and we wish we could say that was the end of that. He was also charged with breaking and entering in October 2012, along with larceny and damaging property.

He spent three months in Goldsboro, North Carolina's Neuse Correctional Institution, after being convicted to four months max over the charges.

I just hope that he learned his lesson and has been clean since then. The last thing Jenelle needs right now is another guy like Nate who will propose to her and then infamously be arrested for domestic violence after ripping the engagement ring off her finger two months later.

I'm glad Jenelle seems to be moving on past Nathan ... but I just hope it's with a guy worthy of her affection.


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