Teresa Giudice Tweets Praise for Pope Francis From Behind Bars

We're still surprised that you can use social media from prison, but the Real Housewives world continues to prove it's true. In fact, incarcerated Teresa Giudice even tweeted about Pope Francis's first U.S. visit.


From behind bars, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star shared her love for the Pope, who has been making his way around the country this week.

Teresa's access to the Internet appears to be spotty since she was placed behind bars on fraud charges at the very beginning of this year. Her last tweet was on September 11 and prior to that she posted in June.

Since we know very little about what Teresa's life is like in prison, it's always interesting when she pops up online in some way. There is an upcoming RHONJ special that delves into what life has been like for the Giudice family since their matriarch was locked up.

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We're not really sure what to make of Teresa these days. Seeing as this summer she was going forward with plans to sue her bankruptcy attorney because she landed in the slammer, it's not quite clear if she understands or believes she did anything wrong. Still, it's nice to see she's finding some solace in her faith, which was always such a big part of her life on the show.

When she finally is released from prison Teresa's going to need a lot of help to get acclimated to home life again, so staying in touch with her spiritual side will probably offer a great deal of strength to the mother of four.


Image via Rick Davis/Splash News

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