2 Women From Chris Soules's Season of 'The Bachelor' Have Been Cast to Date Ben Higgins

After it became evident that Ben Higgins was going to be the next Bachelor, one former contestant started dropping some serious hints that she'd like a shot with him — and it seems she's getting her wish. Becca Tilley is reportedly joining the Bachelor cast and may prove to be Ben's dream woman — that is, if another former contestant doesn't get to him first.


Becca, who was the runner-up in Chris Soules's season 19 Bachelor, will reportedly join Bachelor in Paradise 2 cast member Amber James in competing for the affections of the cute and sweet 27-year-old businessman from Colorado. As lovely as Amber is, she's going to have quite a time getting ahead of Becca, who was so excited about the new Bachelor that she was inspired to post this on Twitter:

In case you've forgotten, Becca is the 26-year-old virgin of which she speaks. So yeah, what producer in his/her right mind wouldn't see the allure of casting a virgin who might (maybe) be willing to lose her virginity for the new Bachelor?

Of course, I'm jumping to conclusions here.

Even though it was rumored that Becca was getting to know Bachelor in Paradise's Jared Haibon and that the two planned to meet up in Los Angeles after filming for the summer hookup show ended, it seems she had a change of heart when she learned about Ben's fate. She even supposedly put a call into Carrie Underwood's people to ask if she could wear some clothing from her CALIA athletic apparel line on a show she would soon be shooting.

So, yeah, Becca has known about this for at least a few weeks.

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As for Amber, the Chicago native was also rejected by Soules before trying her luck in Mexico on BiP, so she and Becca can bond over Soules jokes. She's also a pretty outspoken, fun girl in her own right and has as much of a chance with Ben as Becca or any other contestant.

The big question now is: Will Ben choose a Bachelor alum who has tons of reality TV series experience or a woman who is fresh to the scene and, possibly, in it for one reason and one reason alone: to capture his heart? It's anyone's guess, but expect a fierce battle this season, because everyone seems to be on board with the fact that Ben's quite a catch.


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