'How to Get Away With Murder' Season 2 Opener Leaves You Questioning the Fate of Annalise Keating

Is anyone else still trying to make sense of what they just witnessed? Titled "It's Time to Move On," the How to Get Away With Murder season two premiere made it hard for fans to get over all the drama and plot twists that occurred. While we did get our answer to who killed Rebecca, no one cares as all eyes are now on Annalise Keating.


Something tells me Viola Davis just might get another Emmy nom next year for this character -- because she is going to take us through all sorts of emotions.

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There are so many answers I need in this moment, that I wish I knew Shonda Rhimes (she's the mastermind behind How to Get Away With Murder, Scandal, and Grey's Anatomy) personally so I can call her up for a quick game of 21 Questions.

All I know is this: Annalise, you in danger, girl. Pack up your bags and head for the hills now!

Warning -- major spoilers ahead!

All right, let's get into it.

For starters, who the heck shot Annalise (it will happen two months from now)? In case you went to the kitchen to refill your snack, you might've missed seeing Annalise lying on the floor in her clients' home, shot and bloodied. I guess viewers will need to dust off their sleuthing skills for yet another game of Clue. At least we know there was a gun involved -- hence the bang you hear ... as Wes (Alfred Enoch) runs away from the property.


They say murder is oftentimes a crime of passion, and judging by all the killing and secrets happening within this group, I'd say we're going to have a tough time figuring out whodunit. It really could be anyone.

As much as the season two premiere left us full of questions, what's quite evident are the many layers to Annalise Keating that are starting to unravel. Within one hour, we peeled back so many truths that provide a bit more insight as to what makes this fearless leader tick.

Did you know she had a romance with a woman during her college years? Seeing Annalise in a passionate kissfest with her former classmate, played by Famke Janssen (you might know her as Jean Grey from the X-Men movies), was so unexpected. And how about when the widowed Mrs. Keating decided to party it up in the club with her students? Um, did ya see how she was eyeing Wes?

Mmm hmm.

With a former flame in town and potential love interest that might develop, time will only tell who will have the blood on their hands (I wouldn't be quick to rule out Bonnie, as her injured dove act has proven to be a front).

This episode made it a point to mention how the usual suspects in a case often remove the radar from those operating in the background. One thing is pretty clear: Olympus will fall, and the strength of Annalise Keating will be put to the test.

It looks like this teacher is in for a lesson.


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