Kim Richards Celebrates Her Birthday With an Unlikely 'Housewives' Duo

In the world of Real Housewives, sometimes it's the most unlikely of alliances that develop. Kim Richards celebrated her birthday with two former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast members, but which ones may surprise you.


Kim, who has lately been plagued with very public troubles, was joined by pals Yolanda Foster and Brandi Glanville for a fun birthday lunch to ring in her 51st birthday.

We have to admit, when Yolanda and Brandi first joined the cast we never thought we'd see the day when they'd be hanging out with Kim off camera, but this is one strong-minded trio. We love the fact that despite no longer being a part of the show Yolanda and Brandi are showing so much support for their friend, who undoubtedly could use it right about now.

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People reported early this summer that none of the three women will be returning to RHOBH, each for her own reason. While that's probably for the best -- especially in Kim's case, given how hard it is to maintain sobriety -- we'll definitely miss seeing these faces week after week.

This little reunion is also really telling about the personalities of the women when they're not on camera. Sure, they may stir up a ton of drama on-screen, but it seems like they're really caring and kindhearted when there isn't a TV show to be made.


Image via All Access Photo Group/Splash News

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