Whitney Bischoff's Split From Chris Soules Sure Has Its Fair Share of Perks

Whitney BischoffIt seems like Whitney Bischoff has fallen off the face of the earth since her split with Chris Soules earlier this year, but it turns out it's for a very good reason -- the Bachelor winner has been keeping busy! This week, Whitney revealed she's modeling for Macy's as part of their fall campaign.


She made the announcement on Twitter, showing off a few looks she'll be modeling for the department store chain at this weekend's Macy's Front Row Event. 

The looks are all pretty different, but if you ask us, Whitney looks awesome in all of them. Modeling isn't such a bad gig for her!

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And in case you're worried that Whitney's giving up her beloved job as a nurse, don't worry -- she informed a concerned fan on Twitter that she's still full-time in the fertility biz.

It's good to see that Whitney is staying busy -- and as positive as ever! It's a bummer that things didn't work out with Chris, but we don't doubt she's doing just fine.

Besides, even though Whitney and Chris aren't together anymore, she's still getting those Bachelor perks, and this new gig is proof of that. Heartbreak sucks, but at least she has her newfound fame to fall back on. It's gotta be good to be Whitney these days! 

And if she experiences a lull? We wouldn't hate seeing her back in Bachelor Nation again. Hey Whitney, have you seen Ben H.? He's the next Bachelor, and you two would look mighty cute together... 


Image via whitb624/Instagram

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