Fitz & Olivia Together Forever on 'Scandal' ... Or Are They?

Hey Gladiators -- did you enjoy tonight's season 5 premiere episode of Scandal? There was so much going on, what with a royal death, divorce papers served, betrayal on so many counts, and publicity about a long-rumored affair.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!


After the season four finale ended with Liv and Fitz on the White House balcony after he kicked First Lady Mellie out, we had no idea how the episode would start tonight.

It pretty much started with Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant in bed together. Because of course. Hey, I'm Team Fitz here, and I was only sad they never brought up Vermont or jam.

While they dealt with the death of an American who became a princess by marrying the son of a queen whose country Fitz has been trying to make a deal with, Olivia eventually discovered that the queen, the American princess's mother-in-law, had ordered her death.

That basically sucked.

While that was happening, Fitz served Mellie with divorce papers, and warned threatened her not to try to fight them. She may be a junior senator now, but Fitz reminded her, "Your biggest accomplishment so far is waving and smiling ... it's your first day pitching in the major leagues ... you'll sign."

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Holy crap. After years of being in love with Liv, he finally did the right thing and filed for divorce from his wife whom he can barely stand to be in the same room with. Fitz explained to Liv, "I have dragged you into my marriage enough. You shouldn't have to deal with this ... life is short. I don't want to wait, OK? This is good."

That's when Olivia Pope reminded President Grant that she didn't think their relationship could survive the public scandal. For the record here, I believe that true love can survive anything.

Let's hope so, because former vice president turned presidential candidate turned talking head Sally Langston just released a slew of pics to the media of Liv and Fitz getting it on -- before the president's divorce became public knowledge. I, for one, can't wait to see if they pull through it, or if it breaks them apart.


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