Farrah Abraham May Wind Up Being Arrested for Her Crazy 'Big Brother' Antics

This chick has never been easy to deal with, but it looks like Farrah Abraham's latest antics might actually get her arrested. And no, it wasn't because she spit on someone or threatened to kill them in the Celebrity Big Brother UK house.


Actress Vicki Michelle has said that she plans to press charges against the Teen Mom OG star, after Farrah allegedly hit her on the back of her head "with great force with a glass."

The altercation apparently happened on the show Bit on the Side on Tuesday night. It's a spin-off show from Celebrity Big Brother, and the show had to be taken off the air 10 minutes early after a fight broke out between Farrah and fellow contestant Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace.

It's not exactly known how Farrah went from feuding with Horgan-Wallace to apparently slamming a glass on the back of Michelle's head, but according to the latter's agent:

Actress Vicki Michelle MBE is this morning with Hertfordshire police and will be pressing charges against Farrah Abraham, who struck the back of her head with great force with a glass during the recording of CBBBOTS this week.

Vicki has been in show business for 40 years and has been left in deep shock and with concussion after the attack by Ms Abraham.

Yeah, Farrah leaves a lot of people in deep shock. Thankfully she does't physically attack as many. The whole thing started when host Ryan Clark asked Horgan-Wallace: "Do you miss Farrah being in the house?"

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She replied candidly, "No I don't. She was just horrible ... She never took accountability for anything she did because she's a silly little girl." She continued, "It's just pathetic. She's just nasty. There's one thing standing up for yourself and being a strong woman. There's another thing being... nasty ... horrible ... You've got your cheque, get on your plane ... No one likes you here."


Farrah's response was to slow-clap, and say, "Well done. Good job." A bit later, she was asked about another housemate, Austin Armacost, and she said he had anger issues. He responded it was a shame that she hadn't worked through her own anger issues, and she maturely responded, "Hag, be quiet."

We don't know exactly what happened after that, because the transmission was cut. And the next thing we know is that Farrah may have charges pressed against her for hitting someone in the head with a glass.



Image via ACE/INFphoto.com

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