Chelsea Houska Finally Gets Her Happily Ever After With Cole DeBoer

It was the season finale of Teen Mom 2 this week, kids, and boy was it as full of drama as it ever was. The girls have been struggling with custody issues and baby daddy issues all season, and unfortunately, it doesn't look like everything got resolved as well as it could have.


Leah Messer finally returned home from her month-long therapy treatment, seeming more balanced and even-tempered than ever. When her first ex-husband Corey Simms upset her at one point, she told a friend, "I can't control [Corey's] behavior, I can only control mine."

Later, she wanted to meet with Corey alone to discuss their twin daughters Ali and Aleeah Grace, but Corey brought Miranda around anyway, prompting Leah to protect her emotions and drive away. Miranda was ticked, and I get that she's the girls' stepmom, but sometimes things need to be hashed out with the parents. Why doesn't she trust Corey to represent her anyway? Just saying.

Then there's Jenelle Evans, who had an uncomfortable talk with Nathan Griffith about his filing domestic violence charges on her after he swiped her cell phone and she scratched him trying to get it back. He insisted that he was only trying to get a temporary restraining order against her, and the cops filed the charges. She asked where Kaiser was while he was at the police station at 11:30 at night, and his silence indicated that he was with his new girlfriend. This was all while he was trying to tell her he wanted to work things out with her, by the way. Stand-up guy, that one.

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Over in Delaware, Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin moved into their new house. There was a super sweet moment when Isaac declared that he still wanted to share a room with his baby brother Lincoln, even though they have enough space to split up now.

Things did not go so smoothly with Isaac's dad Jo Rivera, by the way, who is pissed that Kail wants to take him to court over child support. He asked how he was supposed to pay for it, and she suggested that he get a job. He said he didn't want one. So ... yeah.

But the good news of the season was Chelsea Houska's relationship with Cole DeBoer. On the finale, Cole moved in with Chels and Aubs, and she was verklempt by how happy and in love they are after more than a year of dating. He's so good with Aubs, and our hearts melted as they settled into life together. It's obvious these two are in it for the long haul. We couldn't be happier for her.


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