Tanner Tolbert Is Already Thinking About His Future Babies With Jade Roper

While it seems Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth are taking their sweet time getting to the altar, another Bachelor-love success story probably isn't going to wait as long. Tanner Tolbert has babies on the brain after proposing to Jade Roper on Bachelor in Paradise -- so is a Bachelor baby closer than we think?


Tanner famously got down on one knee and asked Jade to marry him on the BiP finale. Since then, the two seem totally in love and excited about creating a new life together -- one look at their Instagram reveals they are pretty much attached at the hip.

But who knew Tanner would be the one to bring up babies?

Remember when, a few days ago, Ryan Reynolds told GQ that a good friend had tried to sell photos of his baby daughter James? Perhaps in response, Tanner tweeted this message about his future child:

Of course, no one can be sure if Ryan's story was what inspired Tanner to post this or if he simply feels ready to start a family with Jade and is preparing to take that next big leap.

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Both Jade and Tanner are 28, which is a lovely age to start thinking about babies, but in my experience, I've often found that many men only truly begin having "baby brain" after they've met the woman they want to be with for the rest of their lives. So, sure, this could have been a harmless joke referring to Ryan and Blake's baby -- but why make the joke unless you're already picturing your child-filled future?

These two kids will be married before the year is up -- I don't predict they'll take a cue from Kaitlyn and Shawn and spend any more time getting to know each other while traveling across the country.

Image via jadelizroper/Instagram


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